Do’s for Your Laminates

Dos for Your Laminates

High pressure laminates (HPL) are considered among the most durable decorative surface materials. Laminates are used for many areas of the home, such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom vanities and other storage solutions. With an extensive range of colours, patterns and textures, laminates have become a highly popular material for interior design in Singapore. Arova provides a wide selection of laminates to interior designers and homeowners in Singapore. With more to choose from today, interior designers and homeowners can now explore creative interior design ideas.
Arova laminates are certified with Singapore Green Label, Gold Greenguard and Microban. Arova laminates are also resistant to heat, water and impact. With simple care, laminates can last for many years to come.

Here are four easy tips on keeping your laminates in tiptop shape. In this first part, we tell you do’s on caring for your laminates:

Dust Regularly
Dust can settle on laminate surfaces, particularly the textured ones. Over time, this can cause the laminates to look dull. Keeping your laminates dust-free is easy. Simply dust your laminate surfaces twice a month or so with a soft rag or standard duster. Remember to clean the surfaces inside and out so as to remove any dirt or dust build up on the surface.

Use Water And Liquid Hand Detergent/Liquid Hand Wash
If you do notice any small stains that can’t be cleaned off by dusting, the next step is to gently rub the stain away with a damp rag. Remember to use only a small amount of water. Allowing water to pool on the laminate cabinet joints runs the risk of causing damage to the surface material.

Wipe As Fast As Possible
In areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, some care is needed to prevent spills from staying on the surface. For instance, some foods leave marks more quickly than others. As delicious as they are, red wine and curry can leave stains on surfaces. Note that certain juices can too. To avoid staining, be sure to wipe the surface dry. For stubborn stains, use concentrated liquid hand detergent to clean.

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