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Design Inspiration for Cabinets

  • January 12, 2017

Laminate used: AMG 1001 HG (Achromic Glaze)

Design Inspiration For Cabinets

The versatility of laminates really shines when they are applied to cabinetry. When used creatively, they bring out the best in carpentry design that extends to influence the entire interior design of a space. The creative possibilities are endless—but therefore also possibly overwhelming if you’re embarking on a new design project for the first time. Here are a few design ideas to get you started:

Imagine The Feel and Mood

Cabinets are one of the largest elements in a room, often stretching across entire walls. They therefore exert a considerable influence on the feel of a room. Your choice of laminates should be integrated with the larger design direction. Start by thinking of the mood of the space you’d like to create—is it an airy resort-like living room that you’re after, or a polished and sleek office?

Look Left and Right, Front and Back

Avoid creative tunnel-vision by envisioning entire spaces. Your cabinet should work with other elements around the room, especially features close to it. Is your cabinet the backdrop for a sofa or a dining table? How would they go together? What about the walls? Large cabinets stretch an entire length of a room can be matched with wall laminates so they blend and harmonize with their back wall.

Laminate used: AWR 7855 AU (Vintage Vogue)

Have Fun

Laminates are loved for their range of styles so get creative. Have fun with a little mix-and-match exercise. Colourful, high-gloss options, for instance, can be juxtaposed with one another to create a lively, fun punch.

Think Three-Dimensionally

Back of shelves, vertical surfaces, and even horizontal surfaces are all places for creative exploration. If you’d like open shelves to recess into the wall, try a darker option for the back vertical surfaces. If you’d like to include a pop of colour, these very same surfaces can achieve your desired effect with a different laminate choice.

Laminate code: AWK 4277 RU (Umber Wood )

Integrate Lighting

Cabinets can have a combination of open and closed areas. If you’d like to inset an open shelf into your cabinet, consider integrating lighting to spotlight the display objects.

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