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Space Savings & Storage Tips for Small Spaces

Small spaces and having storage problems? Don’t worry; here are some tips which you can work on to make space for different storage.

Are you facing stress in finding a storage solution for your home? Regardless of the size of your home, most owners find it a daunting task to store their large chunk of items. Such problem is exacerbated by an e-commerce era where most of us are enticed to spend on things which we realise are of little use.

Let us explore some tips to transform your home into a smart storage house!

1. Customise a built-in storage wall

The two largest surface areas in a home are the floor and wall. Few owners make full use of the wall in designing their storage plan. Increasingly, storage wall has become a growing trend. An ideal installation area will be the living room.

You can conceal your gaming and multiple AV consoles behind the wall. When designing your storage wall, consider the allocation of space for different functions. You might need to have larger shelves compartments to keep your magazines, books and catalogues.

2. Focus on small details such as handle hooks

Bedrooms are our vital resting nest. To ensure a restful environment, it should be free of clutter both physically and visually. Yet, many of us are guilty of randomly laying our items around the room or onto the floor. Consider adding hooks to doorknobs or cabinets. The hooks can be flushed neatly onto the wall or doorknobs when not in use.

3. Add shelves as alternative storage solution

Remember those photograph frames or little decorative items on your TV cabinet or coffee table? You can consider putting these items on the shelves. These shelves can be arranged in random or pattern manner and it can instantly become an accent wall shelves.

4. Peg boards in your kitchen

Gone are the days when you have to keep your pans, knives and other cooking utensils in your kitchen cabinet. Pegboards are becoming a contemporary kitchen solution. By installing a pegboard onto your kitchen wall, your pots and pans are easily within reach. What’s more, it is a convenient option to hang your items to dry and be ready for the next task! Who doesn’t like space and time-saving solution?

5. Innovate storage space in all furniture

Whether it is a storage bed, storage under the staircase or storage ottomans in your living room, it is timely to work with your contractors to craft out the design of your furniture that adds to the much-needed functionality in your home.

It’s time to explore your house and employ these small tips. Moreover, storage space creation is no longer a dull design process. The limit of design variation is your imagination. You might amaze your guests during their next visit to your house!