How to Maintain Your Laminates?

Arova High Pressure Laminates are very durable and long-lasting, however, it is important to maintain your laminates so that they continue to shine for you for a long time.

How to Clean?
Wet a piece of non-abrasive cotton cloth with either water or a mild liquid detergent to clean the surface of the laminate. Wipe it dry with another dry cotton cloth.

  • Do not chop, slice or hammer on the surface of the laminate.
  • Do not hit the surface hard as it will crack.
  • Do not use sharp utensils like knives on the surface.
  • Do not put cigarettes or any naked flame on the laminate.
  • Do not place a hot iron on the laminate.
  • Do not use cleaners that contain alkali, or sodium hypochlorite as they may destroy the outer layers of the laminate.